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Get Involved at NDES
Posted On:
Friday, August 14, 2015
Here's How You Can Help Make This Year a POPPIN' Success!



If you would like to be on the Parent Volunteer list , please look over the various areas where you can help in the school. Check AS MANY of the activities that you are interested in. When an opportunity is available we will contact you. Be sure to send the information requested below to our POF. Thanks for your support!


Help with the Book Fair

Help in the Media Center

Help with Picture Day

Join the Parent Advisory Council

Help at Lunch Time

Help during Field Day

Be a Classroom Parent

Help with Fundraising

Help in the Office

Participate in Career Day

Assist a student with reading

Assist a student with math

Stingray Dads




Parent’s Name___________________________________________________________


Student’s Name_____________________________Grade_________________________


Student’s Teacher_________________________________________________________


Best way to contact you. (circle one) Email Home Phone Work Phone Cell Phone


Email Address: _________________________________________________________


Phone Numbers: (H)_________________ (W)_______________ (C)_______________



If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Hilton at And thanks for poppin’ in all Year!




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